Safe cures, not drug company giveaways!


With the rise of deadly superbugs and other diseases, it’s critical that we get innovative and effective drugs and devices on the market, especially life-saving antibiotics. But a medical innovation bill in Congress is now so riddled with drug company giveaways, we could be in worse shape unless we speak out now and close these loopholes!

The so-called ‘medical innovation’ bill passed by the House would actually weaken safety testing, giving huge shortcuts to companies when it comes to clinical testing of high-risk medical devices, drugs and antibiotics.

Worse, Big Pharma got other loopholes tacked on -- weakening the rule that they publicly report the gifts they give to doctors, and keeping generics off the market longer so they can keep selling costly brand-name drugs.

Your Senators have the chance to do the right thing, and remove these giveaways while making sure innovative, safe cures get on the market. Tell your Senator to close the loopholes, and make safe, effective cures a priority.

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Safe cures, not drug industry giveaways!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am very concerned that a bill passed by the House would lower FDA's standards for approving drugs and medical devices. As you consider legislation intended to promote medical innovation -- a goal I support -- I strongly urge you to reject provisions that would undermine FDA's ability to make sure treatments are safe and effective.

Going forward, the Senate must avoid the serious mistakes made by the House. I strongly urge you to put consumers first in the medical marketplace, and keep treatments safe, effective and affordable!

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