An End to Robocalls

Tell AT&T's CEO: Stop Robocalls Once and for All!

Thanks to you, AT&T has started to make it easier for some of their customers to access effective robocall-blocking tools. We are moving a major company due to your activism!

But every day, customers are still getting harassed by spammers and automated numbers who cost us time and, in the worst cases, money.

AT&T needs to ensure that every one of its customers has free and effective robocall blocking technology. Other providers, like Time Warner Cable, have offered customer-friendly tools that are easy to set up and automatically screen unwanted calls.

AT&T is content to post a few links on their website and make customers figure it out. Tell AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson to finish the job!

This form will let you send an email directly to CEO Stephenson. Together, we represent a force of hundreds of thousands of consumers who are fed up with inaction on robocalls. Let's send AT&T a message they can't ignore!

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Your customers deserve better robocall blocking

To:  AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

Thank you for taking steps to make your customers aware of existing anti-robocall tools. We need you to ensure that all of your customers are protected from annoying and costly robocalls.

CEO Stephenson, it's time to finish the job and stop unwanted robocalls for good!

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