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California: We can end surprise medical bills!

Thousands of us spoke out demanding an end to surprise medicals bills in California. And it’s working. The bill cleared two key Senate committees and will go to the floor for a vote soon. AB 72 would ensure that any Californian visiting an in-network hospital would pay in-network prices for any associated medical care.

But we need your help now more than ever. Medical industry groups are lobbying hard against the bill.

Tell your California Senators to back this bill on the floor and urge their strong support. Californian’s don’t deserve the unwelcome surprise of having to pay more for medical care than they expect.


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Urgent: Vote YES on AB 72 on the Floor

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Thousands of Californians every year get slammed by surprise, out-of-network bills. A Consumer Reports National Survey found that 23% of Californians have received a medical bill where their insurer paid less than expected; of those, nearly 1 in 4 people were charged an out-of-network rate when they thought their provider was in-network. I urge your strong support for a fair and transparent health care billing system. Lawmakers must address California's surprise medical bill epidemic, and AB 72 is our best bet.

Thousands of Californians wake up each day to insurmountable medical bills. It's time to put patients first and address the runaway surprise medical billing system. I urge you to vote YES on AB 72 when it comes to the floor and ensure Californians get the relief they have needed for years.

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