Watch this chilling video, then act!

We take antibiotics for granted. Strep throat, sinus infection, UTI – a quick visit to the doctor, a prescription, and you’re feeling better. But that era is coming to an end because these life-saving drugs are being overused, particularly in livestock production.

Already 2 million Americans are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and at least 23,000 die, each year. The spread of these ‘superbugs’ is happening so fast the Centers for Disease Control says if we don’t act, our national medicine cabinet will soon be empty.

Join us in calling for immediate action from our nation’s top health officials to stop the overuse of antibiotics! 

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Save our antibiotics!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I call on Secretaries Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Thomas Vilsack -- who oversee our nation's food and health infrastructure -- to take immediate, emergency action to save our antibiotics. This includes ending the dissemination of antibiotics to healthy food animals, and reducing overuse in medicine by holding doctors and hospitals accountable for their prescribing patterns.

I urge you both to take immediate steps to reduce medical overuse and eliminate ALL unnecessary use in agriculture right now, before resistant strains overwhelm us. The superbugs are already here and spreading.

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