An End to Robocalls

Telcos: End Robocalls!

Despite the Do Not Call list, the unwanted robocalls keep coming. The problem is so bad the Federal Trade Commission asked computer hackers for their best ideas to block these calls.

But the big phone companies are dragging their feet offering you the technology to stop robocalls!

That’s why we need you – their paying customers – to tell your phone company what you want: Free tools to stop these calls before they reach you.

Sign our petition and we’ll hand-deliver your request to the top brass of the nation’s largest phone companies – Verizon, AT&T and Century Link. You can either send this standard message, or better yet, add your personalized comment in the box! Every personal comment will be delivered directly to the phone companies!

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Free robocall blocking NOW!

Dear Phone Company CEOs,

I demand that you provide free tools to block unwanted robocalls before they reach my phone.

Please take the lead on this important consumer issue, and offer all your customers free tools to stop the unwanted and illegal robocalls. No more excuses!

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