Price me by how I drive!Price me by how I drive!

Consumer Reports' new study of more than 2 billion car insurance price quotes found that your rate may depend more on your credit history, your shopping habits and even your relationship status than your driving record.

And think being a loyal customer matters? We found some companies actually charge you hundreds of dollars more the longer you stick with them. So much for a loyalty discount!

For you to get a fair deal, insurance rates should be based mainly on your driving record, not on some secret formula that includes bizarre factors like where you like to shop or your credit score. We're ramping up a national campaign to bring fairness, transparency and competition to auto insurance rates. Thousands of people have already signed our petition and the letters of support are pouring in! Add your name and share this with your friends and family!

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Petition: State Insurance Commissioners

Dear State Insurance Commissioners,

Price me by how I drive, not by who you think I am!

Factors like credit score, gender and shopping history should be banned altogether.

My rates should be based mainly on my driving history, miles driven and my years of driving experience.

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