To the new VW CEO: Meet this test.

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Volkswagen lied to us. Its 11 million 'clean diesel' cars have been polluting the air at up to 40 times the federal standard for years.

Worse: they installed technology to hide the problem from emissions tests.

The company is being punished by the markets. But that doesn't compensate either its customers or the rest of us, and doesn't stop this from happening again.

Consumer Reports' President, Marta Tellado, put it this way, "We need to make certain that the consequences for deceiving the public are severe, and that they bring justice to those who have been harmed."

Consumer Reports, has put together a four point test by which to judge Volkswagen’s response. Right now, the new CEO can use the standards for accountability listed above to make VW's customers whole and create long term accountability.

The next actions of Volkswagen's Board of Directors should meet these standards! Our system will send a letter signed by you directly to the company!

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VW: Meet this test.

To: Matthias Müller, CEO, Volkswagen

I watched the developments at VW with anger and disappointment. Your company has purposefully deceived millions of customers, damaged the environment, and betrayed the core values of your brand. The world is waiting for your response. I call on you to meet the Consumers Union test.

It must no longer be profitable to lie. I await your response.

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