End Robocalls!

Robocalls to cell phones: This is just wrong!

For years, it’s been illegal for debt collectors to robocall our cell phones without permission. But a provision snuck into the federal budget last fall would change that, creating a loophole that will allow debt collectors to robocall anyone with student loans or back taxes. Even if you don't owe money, but a relative does, you could be robocalled!

After public outrage, lawmakers filed a bill to repeal the provision before it takes effect later this year. Now, Senator Markey plans to offer this bill as an amendment to the FCC Reauthorization Bill. Your Senator is on the committee that will be voting on the amendment.

No American wants robocalls to their cell phone. Tell your Senator to support the Hangup Act and vote YES to add it to the FCC Reauthorization Bill! (To make sure we get your message to your Senators, please complete the entire contact information form).

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I urge you to support the Hangup Act, which would repeal a bad provision buried in the budget bill that would allow robocalls to cell phones.

Vote YES on the Hangup Act. I want this amendment to pass before the new robocall provision goes into effect.

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