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Don’t let Wall Street muzzle our watchdog!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has stood up to Wall Street’s abuses like no one else. In just four years they have returned more than $11 billion to consumers who suffered financial harm at the hands of the banks and helped to resolve over 700,000 financial consumer complaints.

The Bureau has helped consumers in many ways, big and small. Now we need to stand up and help the Bureau keep fighting for us. Bank lobbyists are pushing Congress to insert last-minute items, or “riders,” that would seriously undermine the CFPB into a “must-pass” government funding bill. The riders would block the Bureau from taking on some of the worst financial abuses happening today.

Tell your lawmakers to stand up to Wall Street and oppose adding anti-CFPB riders to the omnibus spending bill.


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Oppose adding anti-CFPB riders.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to oppose any riders in the omnibus spending bill that would weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and threaten its independence.

Today, Americans are better off because a consumer watchdog is on their side to protect them from bank abuses and financial scams. We can't allow the banks and other special interests groups to muzzle the watchdog. I urge you to stand with consumers and oppose any anti-CFPB riders.

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