woman concerned about food safety in her grocery store

Fix the "natural" label!

Have you ever quickly selected one box of crackers over another because the box said it was "natural?" Food companies know you probably have. They also know they can slap the word "natural" on just about anything.

If you feel duped, you're not alone. A national Consumer Reports survey found most shoppers think "natural" means that meat and poultry are free of drugs, antibiotics, or GMOs (it doesn't mean that at all). They think it means packaged food free of artificial ingredients and GMOs (nope, it doesn't mean that either.) Maybe it means food grown without toxic pesticides? Again, no.

Tell the FDA to drop this misleading label from our food or give it real meaning! FDA could require foods labeled "natural" to meet organic standards and contain no synthetic or artificial ingredients. Either give this label real meaning or get rid of it!

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To the FDA: 

The ubiquitous "natural" label leads consumers to believe the food they buy does not contain such things as artificial ingredients, GMOs, pesticides, and hormones. Without any oversight or enforcement, food companies can use the "natural" label deceptively on almost any food. Fix it or drop it!

I routinely spend more money to get the best foods for my family. Those buying decisions are harder if the food labels don't mean what they seem to mean. Fix this problem today!

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