Stop feeding healthy animals drugs!

End surprise medical bills!

Having health insurance and using in-network providers should be enough to keep you from getting unexpected medical bills. Unfortunately, a loophole in the law lets hospitals stick patients with ridiculous charges that they could never have reasonably expected.

This loophole doesn’t just hurt patients stuck with the bill; it drives up insurance premiums for everyone.

Your Representative can help move the End Surprise Billing Act in Congress by adding his or her name as a cosponsor! Just fill in the form on this page and we will deliver your message to your own Representative based on your address.


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Cosponsor the End Surprise Billing Act!

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I am writing to urge you to cosponsor the End Surprise Billing Act! Our nation's hospitals needs more pricing transparency and fairness, so constituents like me don't get stuck with unexpected, out-of-network charges that can cause real financial hardship.

The medical and insurance industries oppose this common sense bill because they like being able to charge and collect their high fees from unsuspecting patients. That's why I want you as my Representative to add your name as a cosponsor -- help this bill move to a vote in the House so consumers don't have to keep waiting to get the protections we need now.

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