An End to Robocalls

Tell Your Lawmakers: Support the ROBOCOP Act!

According to a recent report, consumers receive a staggering 900 robocalls every second of the day. And robocalls are more than just a nuisance. They can cost consumers real money, resulting in an estimated $350 million in financial losses every year.

Until now, consumers have been at the mercy of their phone companies to determine what robocall blocking technology they would make available to their customers. But a new piece of legislation pending in the House and Senate would finally give consumers the robocall protection we deserve.

The ROBOCOP Act would require phone companies to offer free, optional tools to all of their customers to block unwanted robocalls. It’d fix Caller ID fraud and put phone companies on the hook to protect you from robocalls.

This is the bill we’ve been fighting for. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have spoken up and written letters in support of better robocall blocking technology.

Victory is in sight. Take two minutes to urge your lawmakers to support the ROBOCOP Act.

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Support the ROBOCOP Act (S. 3026 / HR. 4932)

Dear Senators and Representatives,

I am one of hundreds of thousands of consumers who are sick and tired of the non-stop robocalls to my phone. I strongly support the ROBOCOP Act and urge you to co-sponsor this bill.

It's time for our lawmakers to stand with consumers. Please help the ROBOCOP Act become law.

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