You did it: No Comcast merger!

We did it! Together with your unwavering support, we just beat back the most anti-consumer merger in American history!

Comcast officially dropped its bid to take over Time Warner Cable, ending its attempt to dominate our cable TV and high-speed Internet.

Industry watchers cited huge public opposition and consumer harm as reason for Comcast ditching the merger – and that was thanks to you. Congratulations!

This merger’s defeat is truly a David vs. Goliath story. Industry analysts and politicians predicted it would be a slam-dunk when it was announced more than a year ago, thanks to Comcast’s army of lobbyists and incredibly deep pockets.

But Comcast didn’t count on the strength and willpower of people like you who want freedom of choice, not one giant corporation telling you what you can and can’t have:

• You joined a massive coalition of consumers who sent personal emails to Congress and the FCC opposing this rotten deal. In fact, Consumers Union activists sent the most ‘no merger’ messages of any group, more than 300,000!

• Thousands of you made phone calls to the FCC chairman telling him to oppose this deal. We even shut down the agency’s phone lines!

• And others went the extra mile, holding signs and protesting at Comcast headquarters, and telling your personal story at public hearings in cities around the country.

I want to say a heartfelt “Congratulations” for all your amazing work. This is your victory, and you deserve to celebrate it.

Consumers Union isn't done fighting for you. The Comcast merger team now jumps head-first into our other campaigns, including a huge national battle to end robocalls that invade your privacy and your peace of mind. And we're pushing to get antibiotics out of our food animals and food supply, and close loopholes so you don't get hit with thousands in surprise medical bills.

Thank you again for all your incredible support.

Michael McCauley, Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports