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Trader JoesMake the promise, Trader Joe's!

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The marketplace is moving against meat raised on antibiotics. Already, several national retailers – Whole Foods, Chipotle, Panera – have refused to sell or use it.

Why hasn’t Trader Joe’s, which claims to listen to what customers want, made the same promise? Nearly 750,000 consumers have asked TJ’s to stop selling this meat in the past two years. Is Trader Joe's simply ignoring its customers?

Email CEO Dan Bane and ask him to commit to ending the sale of beef, poultry and pork raised on routine doses of antibiotics! (Please add your own thoughts in the box below – it will have an even bigger impact).

Be a leader - End the sale of antibiotic-raised meat!

Dear  CEO Dan Bane,

It is time for Trader Joe's to lead the way in our national fight to save our antibiotics, and join other retailers -- Whole Foods, Chipotle, Panera -- who have ended the sale or use of meat raised on antibiotics.

Nearly 750,000 Americans have already asked you to take action. I am asking you, Mr. Bane, to stand behind your claim that you listen to your customers, and commit NOW to ending the sale of antibiotic-raised beef, poultry and pork at all Trader Joe's stores.

Thank you for joining the list of retailers doing their part to stop this growing national health crisis by refusing to sell antibiotic-raised meat.

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