Tell Congress to Hold Wells Fargo Accountable

bankerFor three years, Wells Fargo bankers deceived its customers in order to rack up millions of dollars in fees and charges. Without permission, they opened more than 2 million fake accounts under the names of people who had trusted Wells Fargo with their money. Stock prices soared and executives padded their pockets with massive bonuses.

When the scheme was uncovered, top managers pointed their fingers at 5,300 lower-level employees and had them fired. Nobody at the top is accepting any responsibility for these staggering offenses.

While the federal government just fined the bank $185 million, none of the executives have been held accountable for ordering this fraudulent activity. The only way to ensure we stop this kind of fraud and abuse is to make sure there are strong consequences.


Sign our petition right now to tell Congress to hold Wells Fargo and its senior executives accountable for running this fraudulent scam at the expense of the American people.


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