Congress must hold Equifax accountable. Let’s pass stronger federal data security standards and uphold protections for a consumer’s right to join a class-action lawsuit.

A massive data breach at Equifax compromised sensitive data for nearly half of all U.S. consumers — including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and the numbers of some driver's licenses. Hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers were also compromised. Now millions of Americans could be at risk for identity theft.

To make matters worse, Equifax responded by sending consumers to a website where, by signing up for credit monitoring services, they could waive their legal rights to ever take Equifax to court, for any problem.

Sign our petition calling on Congress to hold Equifax accountable and work on solutions to prevent these devastating breaches in the future:

I’m joining Consumers Union in calling on Congress to hold Equifax accountable for the devastating security breach that led to the leak of sensitive data on nearly half of all U.S. consumers. Lawmakers should get to work on stronger federal data security laws and ensure our rights to class-action lawsuits are upheld.

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