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Really show Trader Joe’s your ‘love!’

We’re sending your special Valentine’s message right now to Trader Joe’s CEO. Print, Fill Out and Send Us Your Pic

But you can put even more pressure on the grocer with a quick one, two, three!

One: print out our special Valentine.
 tell Trader Joe’s what you love about them (your favorite product) and what you hate (that they sell antibiotic-raised meat). Then snap a photo of yourself with your Valentine and upload it to us.

Upload your photo by sending it to

Three: take it to your Trader Joe’s the next time you shop. Or if you can’t make it to the store, just send us the photo with your Valentine. We’ll compile all these love letters into one, big album kiss to Trader Joe’s to stop selling poultry, beef and pork raised on antibiotics!

Hugs, Consumers Union!

Click here to download the printable PDF Flyer to fill out

*Now for some boiler-plate language from our legal department: By submitting your photo to us you authorize Consumer Union to post your photo online. You agree that the image is of you, shot with your knowledge and permission. You will receive no compensation for the use of this image. You give Consumers Union the right to use your image for the purposes of education, promotion or advertising the advocacy work of Consumers Union.